All documents and forms can be viewed online or printed by clicking on the links provided below:  
       Service Plan  
       Spring - 2021  
       Winter - 2020  
       Fall - 2020  
       Summer - 2020  
       Spring - 2020  
       Summer - 2019  
       March - 2019  
       September - 2018  
       February - 2018  
  Districts Documents  
       Rules and Regulations for Residential Properties  
       Architectural Guidelines to Existing Residential Structures  
            Amendment to Guidelines Existing Residential Structures (Basketball Hoops and Accessory Structures)  
            Amendment to Guidelines Existing Residential Structures (Landscapes)  
       Residential Design Review Request Form  
       Protective Covenants and Restrictions  
       Evaluation  (District 2)  
       Market Analysis  (District 2)  
       Declaration of Side Yard Easement with Maps  
       Party Wall Agreement 2-Story Townhomes (Parcel K)  
       Party Wall Agreement 3-Story Townhomes (Parcel N)  
  Transparency Notices  
  Colorado Senate Bill 2009-87 Compliance:  In 2009 Colorado enacted legislation requiring information about metropolitan and special districts be disclosed and available to District constituents.  
       District Number 1 - Transparency Notice  
       District Number 2 - Transparency Notice  
       District Number 3 - Transparency Notice  
  Please see below for the Districtís Certificate of Insurance. If you require any further insurance documents, please reach out to T. Charles Wilson Insurance, Jan Elliott at or 1-800-530-3001.  
       Insurance Certificate  
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