"To preserve a family-oriented and economically vibrant community that encourages citizen involvement, respects diversity, values community character, and enhances the quality of life of Littleton residents and businesses."  
  Welcome to the Littleton Village Metropolitan District Website.  This site was designed to make it easy for the homeowners living in Littleton Village and those within the Littleton Village Metropolitan District to gain ease of access to Board meeting minutes, District Governing Documents, and Design Request Forms.  To learn more about the Metropolitan District you reside in please click on the individual Pages (10) located above.  
  Notices of Public Meetings - additional information available on meetings page.  
       Meeting Notice - October 27, 2020  (District Nos. 1, 2 & 3)  
  October 21, 2020     Littleton Village Metropolitan District - Fall Newsletter (Residents Corner and so much more)  
       Fall Newsletter  
  May 18, 2020    Littleton Village Residential Design Review Request (new)  
       Residential Design Review Request Form  
  April 26, 2020     Littleton Village Metropolitan Board of Directors - Accepting Letters of Interest  
  The Littleton Village Metropolitan District is accepting Letters of Interest for a vacancy on the Board of Directors. Questions should be directed to Geol.Schierman@CLAconnect.com.  The Board will make a determination in the next 30-90 days.  
  January 3, 2020  
  Dear Littleton Village Resident:

You are in receipt, or will be shortly, of your LVMD bill.  At the budget meeting in December, the Board of Directors implemented a 5% increase in the maintenance fee in order to continue levels of service within the community.  If you will recall, there was a temporary assessment increase last year to cover extraordinary expenses related to snow removal due to excessive storm activity.  The Board felt it was important to rescind the temporary assessment as it was intended to be short term, however, a modest increase in the annual amount is needed to cover inflationary costs, etc.  If you have questions, please contact CLA at 303-779-5710.

Thank you.
  October 25, 2019          Littleton Village Metropolitan Districts - Intent to Fix or Increase Fees for Water Services  
       Notice to Fix Repair and/or Increase Fees for Water Services  
  September 11, 2019          Littleton Village Metropolitan District Board of Directors - Joint Resolution         
       Online Notice of Public Meetings (Regular and Special)  
  September 11, 2019          Littleton Village Metropolitan District Community - Fremont Closed                                           
  LVMD Community,  
  Due to construction, Fremont will be closed on Wednesday, September 11th from 6a.m. until early afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with ongoing development projects. Please reach out to megan.liesmaki@claconnect.com with any questions.

Thank you.
  July 31, 2019          Littleton Village Metropolitan District - Community Newsletter      
       Newsletter - Summer Season 2019  
  July 1, 2019  
  June 26, 2019             Littleton Village Metropolitan District - Protect Water Quality, Scoop-the-Poop  
       Help Protect The Water Quality Scoop-the-Poop - Why Does It Matter  
  April 29, 2019  
  Dear Littleton Village community -  
  Please be aware the metropolitan district is doing mediation work on the dog park this week.  Although
this is an inconvenience, your patience is appreciated.  Please refrain from using the park until further notice.

Questions may be directed to denise.denslow@claconnect.com.

Thank you.
       Dog Park Announcement  
  Community Newsletter  
  April 29, 2019  
       Community Volunteers for Newsletter  
  Littleton Village Metropolitan District  
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